Broaching Machines Solution Factory Provider

U-Bright-Solutions builds numerous standard lines of NEW BROACHING EQUIPMENT and special machines for unique broaching applications.

Professional Broaching Machine Manufacturers

We offer one-stop broaching solutions for any workpiece broaching application based on our customers’ requirements.

Vertical Broaching Machine

Vertical Broaching Machine

CNC Double Servo Internal Broaching Machine

Servo Broaching Machine

Horizontal Broaching Machine

Horizontal Broaching Machine

Vertical Helical Broaching

Helical Broaching Machine

Hydraulically Driven Pull-Down Internal Broaching Machine

Hydraulic Broaching Machine

High-Speed CNC Hard Broaching Machine

CNC Broaching Machine

Soulutions Of Broach Machine

Numerous sectors look to BroachingMach as a leader in quality, service, and innovation year after year. Being one of the leading producers of bespoke broaching solutions worldwide makes us proud.

Why Choose BrochingMach?

In this industry, we have over 20 years of expertise. With high quality, reliable performance, and affordable pricing, our products provide a comprehensive selection of broaching options for every workpiece machining application. Our fully automatic broaching machines sold all over the world, making tens of thousands of partners wealthy.

Adequate Equipment

More than 20 kinds of automated broaching machines are professionally designed, manufactured, and sold.

Professional Service

Customers love and trust it because of its great quality, consistent performance, and low pricing.

Advanced Technology

It is an ISO9001:2015 certified corporation that combines cutting-edge local and international technology and concepts.

Rich Experience

Over 20 years of expertise designing, manufacturing, and supplying high-end, high-precision automated broaching equipment.

Professional Broach Machines Order Process

Customers are assisted at every stage of the production process. Each customer is provided a specialized support staff from prototype through delivery to ensure that programs progress smoothly through production.

Provide Drawings Or Samples

Provide Drawings Or Samples

Send us workpiece samples or drawings, and supply us with the necessary information.

Technical Quotations​

Technical Quotations

For our broaching machines, our technicians and engineers provide comprehensive technical solutions.

Signing of Contracts​

Signing of Contracts

Our technical paperwork and estimate are reviewed and approved by the customer. Sign the contract and pay the deposit.

Production Starts

Production Starts

Broaching machines and all essential accessories will be manufactured.

Pre-shipment Test

Pre-shipment Test

The experts will do the final test run of the broaching machine to confirm that it performs steadily and smoothly, that the output meets the requirement, and that the workpiece quality is certified.

Install and Degugging​

Install and Degugging

We provide remote debugging as well as on-site installation, training, and testing services across the world.

Broaching Machines FAQs

Broaching machines and equipment are custom-made for your product. Please contact our sales team and send us designs of broaching machines or product samples for review. We will offer our best advice as well as a detailed technical quotation.

Yes. We provide complete turnkey solutions for broaching machines, clamps, and broaches.

This is dependent on the availability of our inventory and the intricacy of the broaching equipment. If we have a suitable broaching machine in store, it normally takes up to 15 days; if a broaching machine needs to be produced, it usually takes 60 to 90 days from start to completion. We need 90 to 120 days to build complicated machinery.

We offer remote debugging and technical support services. Before shipment, all machines will be tested and debugged. If the customer requires door-to-door service, we can send engineers to do the job, but the customer must bear the expense.

Tool life is good when the product hardness is less than HRC 25. Tool life will be greatly decreased when the hardness is higher than HRC 25. The recommendation is not to broach if the hardness is higher than HRC 32.

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