Broaching Machine: Types, Operations & Advantages

What is Broaching?

Broaching is a machining operation that removes material using a toothed tool known as a broach. There are two major forms of broaching: linear and rotary. The most typical procedure is linear broaching, which involves running the broach against the surface of the workpiece to generate the cut.

Linear broaches are used in a broaching machine, also known as broach. Rotary broaching involves rotating and pressing the broach into the workpiece to create an axisymmetric form. A rotary broach is used in lathes and screw machines. Both techniques complete the cut in a single pass of the broach, making them extremely efficient.

Broaching is used for precise machining, particularly on strange forms. Machined surfaces include circular and non-circular holes, splines, keyways, and flat surfaces. Typical workpieces include small to medium-sized castings, forgings, screw machine components, and stampings. Even though broaches can be costly, they are typically preferred over alternative methods when utilized for large-scale manufacturing runs.

What is the Broaching Process?

Type of Broaching

Linear Broaching:The broaching is done linearly on the surface of the workpiece to make the desired effect.

Rotary Broaching:The workpiece is cut by pressing the rotating broach on its surface.

Pull Broaching

Push Broaching

Pot Broaching

Spline Broaching

Blind Broaching


Internal broaches

Machining Interior Surfaces

Round Holes
Splined Holes
Irreqular-Shaped Holes

External Broaching / Surface broaches


Type of Broaching machines

Horizontal Broaching Machine:

Nearly all horizontal Broaching machines come under the pull-type category, primarily internal or external broaching.

Vertical Broaching Machine:

This type of Broaching Machine has a good design with vertical strokes. Uses precision to create custom demanded cuts at a reasonable speed on the workpiece, is capable of single-use high production to exact specification.

Surface Broaching Machine:

These broaching instruments are fastened to certain rams that are pushed in a straight line and past pieces of work. One broaching machine moves horizontally over the workpiece, while the other moves vertically. For now, the apparatus is referred to as a duplex broach.

Continuous Broaching Machine

Rotary Broaching Machine

Turn Broaching Machine


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