Barrel Broaching Machine

Barrel Broaching Machine

Barrel Broaching Machine

Main application: external gear, external spline and peripheral contour specific shape parts processing.

Products Description

Main applications:External gears, external splines and peripheral contours of specific shapes of parts processing.

Features:According to the requirements of the parts, the knife barrel is customized, and the knife bar (rough drawing) and the knife ring (fine drawing) are distributed in the barrel.

Structure:Vertical (moving workpiece).

Technical parameters


Rated pulling force200KN
Skateboard stroke length1600mm
Working stroke speed (stepless speed regulation)1.5-6m/min
Return travel speed (stepless speed regulation)3-15m/min
Tool length1250mm
Machine floor space(L×W×H)4200 × 3200 × 6300mm
Net weight29000kg
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