Chain Rail Link Broaching Machine

Chain Rail Link Broaching Machine

Servo Pull-Down Internal Broaching Machine

Main application: chain rail bolt surface processing.

Products Description

Main applications:Machining of chain rail bolt surface.

Features:Strong compatibility, 135-228 pitch chain rail processing can be realized through sub-fixture replacement, up to 280 specifications, simple and easy to operate, with broken knife identification function.

Structure:Vertical pull-down type (tool mobile), broaching full escort, double station design.

Technical parameters


Rated pulling force200400KN
Skateboard stroke length12501600mm
Working stroke speed (stepless speed regulation)1.5-61.5-6m/min
Return travel speed (stepless speed regulation)1.5-101.5-10m/min
Number of broaching stations22/
Machine floor space(L×W×H)2850 × 4380 × 38502850 × 4400 × 5000mm
Net weight1300018000kg
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