CNC Keyway Broaching Machine

CNC Keyway Broaching Machine

CNC Keyway Broaching Machine

Main application: internal teeth, spline and inner hole parts processing.

Products Description

Main applications:Processing of all kinds of inner hole keyway.

Features:Through the replacement of tooling, tool guide device and tool, to achieve the specifications of the keyway processing, digital control to ensure that the tool position and feed precise control. The machining process is high-speed broaching and return, which effectively improves the production efficiency of parts.

Structure:Vertical pull-down type (moving tool).

Technical parameters


Rated pulling force30KN
Rated stroke320mm
Max width of Keyway63mm
Max depth of Keyway13mm
Max length of Keyway280mm
Machine floor space(L×W×H)1550 × 2300 × 2000mm
Net weight3700kg
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