Vertical Helical Broaching

Vertical Helical Broaching

LK8825 Vertical Helical Broaching

LK8825 spiral broaching machine is mainly used in the processing and manufacturing of internal spiral teeth and spirals in automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, aviation and engineering machinery and other industries. It has high processing size and shape position accuracy, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, and low processing costs.

Low cost and easy to automate, CNC internal spiral broaching machines are increasingly used in an increasingly wide range of applications, and their process scope has also expanded from general inner hole and plane broaching to more complex profile processing.

Products Description

CNC internal spiral broaching machine is mainly applied in the manufacture of internal spiral teeth, internal helical teeth, and threads in industries such as automotive parts, reduction gears, agricultural machinery, aviation, military and engineering machinery. It is featured by high accuracy of machined dimensions, shapes and positions. It is also known as high efficiency, convenient maintenance and low machining cost. In addition, the equipment facilitates realization of automatic machining of equipment.

The application range of CNC internal spiral broaching machines is becoming wider and wider. We also divide this model into series, and the broaching force varies from 50KN-250KN.

This machine adopts FANUC servo mechanical transmission, which works smoothly with stepless speed regulation function., The machine and the main slide plate adopt an integrated structure design. The machine tool is driven by a servo motor and a ball screw rod, and the broaching operation is realized during the upward and downward movement. The grating scale is used on the Z axis of broaching. On the C-axis of rotary motion, the terminal detection is performed by using dual worm gears and angle encoders to achieve full closed-loop control, which effectively guarantees the accuracy of the machine tool, and its working efficiency is 10 times higher than that of the machine tool adopting traditional technology.

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