Hydraulically Driven Pull-Down Internal Broaching Machine

Hydraulically Driven Pull-Down Internal Broaching Machine

L55 Hydraulically Driven Pull-Down Internal Broaching Machine

The L55 series hydraulically driven pull-down internal broaching machine is based on the general pull-down internal broaching machine. The hydraulic system is driven by double cylinders, which is more suitable for processing various internal teeth, internal splines, etc. with large sizes, large machining allowances, and high precision requirements. Geometrically shaped bore.

Products Description

This broaching machine is manufactured based on general pull-down internal broaching machine, and its hydraulic system is driven by double cylinders. The broaching machine is more suitable for machining various internal teeth, internal splines and inner geometric holes with large size, large machining allowance and high requirement for accuracy, and usually used in construction machinery industry and commercial automobile industry. Double main cylinders of the broaching machine are installed on the surface of machine bed, and controlled in synchronous operation by electric system, so as to guarantee high running accuracy, high broaching accuracy and stable performance of the broaching machine.

This broaching machine is embedded underground, and can be operated by buttons or on HMI optionally, and is provided with the full-automatic, semi-automatic and manually adjusted machining functions.

The broaching machine can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading devices optionally (truss manipulator or joint robot) so as to reduce the labor intensity of operators greatly and improve the machining quality of parts.

On basis of the actual specific requirements, customers can choose machine tools with multi-station mechanism. The user determines the selectable range according to the measured broaching force.

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