Steering Wheel Broaching Machine

Steering Wheel Broaching Machine

Steering Wheel Broaching Machine

Main application: automobile steering wheel spline processing.

Products Description

Main applications:Automobile steering wheel internal spline processing.

Features:The turning or sliding blanking mechanism is adopted. Due to the large volume of the steering wheel, the internal space of the machine tool is optimized as a whole, which is convenient for loading and unloading. The steering wheel usually uses magnesium aluminum alloy, which has extremely high requirements for the environment, so the machine tool has been designed accordingly in terms of anti-corrosion and fire prevention.

Structure:Vertical pull type (workpiece mobile), broaching full escort.

Technical parameters


Rated pulling force50KN
Skateboard stroke length800mm
Working stroke speed (stepless speed regulation)1.5-6m/min
Return travel speed (stepless speed regulation)3-15m/min
Number of broaching stations1/
Machine floor space(L×W×H)3000×1600×3600mm
Net weight5000kg
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