CNC Vertical Side Broaching Machine With Mortise And Groove

CNC Vertical Side Broaching Machine With Mortise And Groove

CNC Vertical Side Broaching Machine With Mortise And Groove

Main application: internal teeth, spline and inner hole parts processing.

Products Description

The hot end part of the gas turbine core is two discs. The turbine disc is the carrier of the turbine rotor blade and is a hot end rotating part with a large weight proportion. It is as important as the blade. Compared with the aviation turbine disc, the turbine disc of the steam turbine has a larger diameter and a projected area ten times that of the aviation disc. The vertical turbine disc tenon and groove pulling machine is mainly aimed at the processing of the large diameter 2000mm turbine disc compatible with the gas turbine engine.

1. The machine tool is installed in pull-down and into the pit, electrically driven, and SINUMERIK ONE numerical control system is used. The processing process will not stop, the product will not produce vibrating knife patterns, and the surface roughness will reach Ra1.6.

2. The main slide board adopts double servo drive structure, and the operation process of the main slide board is more stable.

3. It has a main sliding board anti-falling mechanism to prevent the main sliding board from stopping the car for a long time.

4. Type C cradle includes X, B, Y and C axes. All axes are controlled by grating ruler for closed-loop control to ensure extremely high positioning accuracy.

5, the use of 16-station tool change mechanism, compatible with many varieties of workpiece broach storage, can achieve rapid tool change.

6. The machine tool has on-line detection function, which can realize radial runout, axial runout, diameter, inclination angle, cone angle, horizontal contour point and feed contour point detection.

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