CNC Spiral Internal Broaching Machine

CNC Spiral Internal Broaching Machine

CNC Spiral Internal Broaching Machine

Main application: internal teeth, spline and inner hole parts processing.

Products Description

Main applications:The processing of internal helical teeth, internal helical teeth and helical lines is compatible with straight tooth processing.

Features:The spindle is driven by single servo or double servo, the screw mechanism is treated with backlash elimination, the whole closed loop control, the processing accuracy is high, and the spiral angle direction angle is digitally adjusted.


Broaching full escort, can adopt multi-station design;

Vertical pull-up type (movable workpiece).

Technical parameters

Rated pulling capacity50100200250KN
Rated torque4590160300nm
Rated stroke800125016002000mm
Max length of broach990140018502150mm
Cutting speed1-81-81-81-8m/min
Return speed1-121-121-121-12m/min
Feed speed1-51-51-51-5m/min
Lifting speed1-101-101-101-10m/min
Machine floor space(L×W×H)2800×2900×46003000×3100×53004500×4320×61004500×4320×6800mm
Net weight8500135002050022000kg
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